Can Productivity Challenges Help You Grow?

No one loves to procrastinate on the tasks that they have set, be it in school, work or in your business. That’s why you have started making use of the different productivity or time management principles that are available. While using the Pomodoro technique or the GTD task management technique, you were enjoying a number of benefits. But all your progress came to a halt when you were hit hard by a challenge. You were disheartened and you eventually gave up. We are here to bring you back on track. This article is perfect for those who have been victims of productivity challenges. Using common examples, we are going to show you how your productivity challenge can help you grow. For audio on the same, please listen and subscribe to the podcast here.

Personal issues

Implementing a productivity principle or tool can be quite challenging, especially during those first few months. It takes some time for your mind and body to adjust to your new system of doing things. For some people, they may find themselves being too productive, leading them to push themselves even harder. Your personal life might start to take a beating, leading to conflicts with your spouse or neglect of your family at large.

This productivity challenge helps you to become an all round person. You need to know how to prioritize and give people both your time and your resources. Such moments are also important as they help you to be re-energized and revitalized at work later on.

Disengagement from the company

Do you feel your performance dropping every month in your department? The answer might be quite simple that you imagine? Do you feel a sense of belonging at your company? Are you simply a robot slaving away at your desk all week?

As an employee, the only way to improve your performance is when you feel connected to the culture and also to the values of the company. You need to develop a sense of purpose of the company. It is the only way that you will feel motivated to wake up in the morning and give your all (if not more). Begin with investing your life into the company culture and also building relationships with your colleagues. Slowly, as you identify yourself with the company or business, you will find your productivity increasing.

Quality of tools and lack of training

You might be motivated and looking to achieve the goals set by the supervisor, but experience difficulties due to the type of equipment of lack of proper guidance. Struggling through your tasks, you become disheartened by the mistakes you make along the way which may lead to conflicts and disagreements with your colleagues or boss.

Communicate to your boss about the struggles you feel. Open and constructive feedback will assist both you and your manager in filling the gaps that are leading to a dip in performance.