Businesses That Thrive On Instagram

Most people use Instagram to post about their lives and connect with family and friends. But have you ever realized that you can actually use Instagram to start a business idea and make more money? There are many business ideas that you can start on Instagram; all you need is just your Instagram account. As you already know, Instagram can be a good platform to express and market your business. Many Instagram businesses entirely rely on the platform for their growth and success. We’ve got some business ideas that can thrive on Instagram and want to share them here.

Instagram influencer

The top business idea you can start and thrive on Instagram is being an influencer. The first step to becoming an Instagram influencer is having a large number of active followers. This is because you earn money by advertising your products to your followers. However, the content you post should match with your audience to create more interaction and likes on your post. You may wonder, ‘does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story?’ No, it doesn’t, and this will be helpful in your money-making journey because you can screenshot other people’s stories to get more ideas and inspiration for your own stories. In addition, many companies are now paying influencers to post and advertise their products, hence you are assured of steady cash flow.


Instagram is one of the most successful social media beauty blog platforms. Therefore, you can be a social media photographer, product photographer, portrait photographer, stock photographer, or event photographer. Instagram majorly focuses on great pictures, images, and photos. Becoming a photographer isn’t a bad idea at all, given that Instagram offers good visuals.


It may sound funny but believe it or not, becoming an Instagram foodie can be a very great business idea. You can post short captivating videos and photos of your favorite foods with eye-catching stickers and interesting captions. This may attract potential employers like restaurants who may be interested in forming a partnership with you to advertise their food products.

E-commerce seller

You can sell things online using Instagram by adding the “buy” caption on the products you post. You can easily find buyers through your followers who may be interested in the products you sell.

Instagram manager and consultant

If you are an expert in using the Instagram platform, you can become an Instagram account manager for big companies or other clients. You can also act as an Instagram consultant and advise companies on how to advertise their products using the platform and earn money. You can also give them recommendations to improve their product advertising on Instagram.

Product reviewer

If you like trying new products, this is your chance to earn money by giving reviews on the products you try. People usually find it fun to try new things, especially hair and facial products. It is actually easy as you just need to share your honest reviews with your followers and earn money. Product reviewing can work best when combined with affiliate marketing.

However, for your business to thrive and be successful, you need to incorporate things like follower engagement, use of hashtags, always be professional, and offer special deals.

Get started today and earn more!