How Much Does It Cost To Leave Your Car At The Airport For A Week?

Orlando international airport is among the busiest airport in the world. It is known to be visited by many leisure and vacation travelers.
The number of cars in and around the airport are too high. This implies that getting a parking slot at the airport is a nightmare.

Most travelers prefer to book the parking Orlando airport in advance in order to avoid the confusion and dilemma at the airport.
The costs of parking at the airport is quite affordable and many people with personal cars prefer the idea of parking at the airport. They are assured of the safety of their cars and other personal belongings if they left them in the car.

Orlando Airport has the largest space when compared to other airports in the world in order to accommodate the high number of vehicles from its customers.
The airport is among the few international airports in the world that value its customers and this is the reason why they go an extra mile to offer impeccable services.

The management of the airport is not in the business to exploit their customers. The offer affordable parking rate that can suit the budget of every traveler.
Orlando airport has a wide selection for parking options at low rates. The airport work in association with several parking operators that offer great deals and low rate parking fee.
The parking slots are quite convenient to the terminals and this reduces the hassle to carry luggage or move around when late.
The good thing about Orlando international airport is that you are guaranteed for parking slot during booking online. You only need to do this at the comfort of your house.

Where to Park at Orlando International Airport

The airport has several locations where you can park your car without hassle. These locations include:

Valet Parking
There are different options to select your parking in the valet area. The cost of parking varies depending on the number of days. The cost of parking per day is between $7 to $12. From the figures, you can easily calculate the cost of parking in a week.

Hotel Parking
Orlando airport is located near so many hotels that offer ample parking for travelers. You can either opt to park near Comfort Suite hotel or Marriot hotel. The parking in these hotels around the airport is quite affordable since the cost per day ranges between $7 and $9.

Orlando Airport Shuttle
This is the most used parking slot by many people intending to travel out for either short or long term period. The parking slots are highly secured since they are fitted with security cameras. The cost of parking is usually a flat rate at $10. It is quite economical for budgeted travelers.

Self Parking
This is the best parking slot at Orlando airport though it is somehow expensive. The cost of parking is inclusive with the standing charge. The rates range between $6 and $11 per day.

SpotHero Airport Parking
Are you in need of long term parking slot? Well, superhero parking slot will get you cover at an affordable rate. When booking the parking space remember to specify the time you are going to be away. The rates range between $5 and $15 per day though they are subjected to change.