How Many Followers Do You Need to Get Verified on Instagram?

Social media platforms are a great way to keep in touch with the latest news and updates regarding family members and celebrities. But there is a concurrent problem of identity theft all over the internet. People may tend to become someone in order to get some favor from someone. They can also act as being an actual celebrity while the original holder of the account is a fan or someone who is trying to use the name for their benefit. For this, almost every social media platform allows people to get verified in order to prove their authenticity. The blue verification tick helps people to identify whether the people they are following are real or not. It is a highly effective facility provided by these social media sites as they bring convenience to their interface.

For this, many influencers and small business owners also try to get their blue verification ticks. This is because having a blue verification tick helps people to have confidence and develop trust in the business or the influencer that is handling that particular page. But to get verified, there are specific stipulations you need to fulfill. These stipulations are profoundly essential to follow because, without them, everyone will want themselves to get verified.

Number of followers

According to the general stipulation, nearly 10,000 followers are required in order to get that particular account verified. Without having such an amount of followers, you cannot even apply to get yourself verified. While this stipulation may vary from platform to platform, but this is a standard that is to be followed. This is by far the most crucial criterion among others. Getting more organic followers, for example, on Instagram can be challenging, but using services like SimplyGram, helps to gain followers. These services can even advise which content is better to publish and what to avoid.

Type of content

Having a verified account, the person in control of the account must make sure not to post any morally incorrect or borderline sexual content. This can harm not only the influencer’s or the business’s image, but it can also bring bad media to that particular social media platform. And having a bad impression is the last thing a social media platform would want to have. This is why there are strict rules that can’t entirely delete an account if its content goes against the guidelines of the platform. Besides, the terms and conditions for content include being authentic and unique. 

Other requirements

To become a verified account, you need to have your account public. This is because the stipulation is such that it does not allow verification to be locked or protected accounts. Also, if you have a business account, then you can also get your business verified. One thing to focus on is that some people try to fabricate by selling fraudulent verifications. This is one of the misconceptions people buy into as they figure that verification comes at a cost. But in fact, verification is free on every social media out there. The only thing required to get a verification is a copy of an identification card of the actual holder of the account and a request.

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