How Do I Park at Brisbane Airport?

Brisbane airport is one of the most popular airports in all of Australia. It is there in Queensland. It is the primary airport serving the city of Brisbane. In 2017 alone, more than 23 million people visited the Brisbane airport. The number of employees at Brisbane airport is nearly 24,000 presently, and by 2035, these numbers will more than double. Due to such a high number of visitors, the parking here is overflowing almost all the time. Hence, if you are looking to visit Brisbane airport for any purpose, you must know about the different forms of parking that are available here. We will tell you all about the parking here at Brisbane airport. We will also notify you about the Brisbane international airport parking prices.

Parking facilities

The Brisbane airport offers a wide range of parking services to the visitors. The main idea of the different parking services is to facilitate the different types of visitors and passengers. For example, there is a separate type of parking that is for those looking to park their cars for more extended periods of times such as for a month. Moreover, there are also parking spaces for those who want additional security for their vehicles. People who are on a budget can also find a suitable parking spot at Brisbane airport. There are also valet services for those who want an executive feel to their visit. If you do not like walking, you can park at the ParkPremium that is closest to the domestic terminal.

Parking rates

Park short is a separate space where you can park your car for a short stay. The area is behind the domestic terminal. This makes it easy to drop and pick the passengers. The parking is operational 24 hours a day and within walking distance of Brisbane Airport Terminals.

A discount is available if you make your booking online. This can be done an hour before you have to reach the airport. If you make an online booking reservation, you will be charged $15 for 2 hours; this saves you about $7. However, in case of immediate parking, you will be billed $9 for half an hour while parking for 3-4 hours will only cost you $28

Park long is a separate space where you can park your car if you plan for a long-stay. The Park Long parking is at both domestic and international terminals. The car parking is more secure due to the installation of CCTV cameras which is why it is operational for 24 hours and has an extra layer of security. Another benefit of ParkLong is that it is close to the airport.



Now that you have the information necessary to make a decision, you can find the choice that suits you best and park your car according to your preference. Moreover, if you make your parking booking online, you can save the expense through the use of booking deals offered by the car parks. These offers also include the $39/weekend offer.