How Can You Make Money from Instagram?

Are you looking for ways to make money on Instagram? Then you are in the right place. Instagram is an ideal place where you can share content via photos and short-time videos. You can link up with your fellow enthusiasts, create a fan base following and become an Instagram influencer in your field of specialization. Most of the Instagram accounts count their followers in terms of millions.

Businesses have now realized Instagram is one of the most affordable methods of advertising their brands as they only need to link with users who have a lot of followers. This has made it possible for those with a huge following to earn money from Instagram. With huge number of followers, you will be well placed to earn money. If you are new to Instagram, but want to earn money, you may find help and followers here.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the strategies you can use to earn on Instagram.

Selling Affiliate Products

Instagram has a feature that allows the users to embed links to their bio section and in every post with a description. The tracked links link your page to several company websites as well as the marketing of the products on behalf of the company.

Once the customer uses the link to explore the company’s website, you will get paid a certain amount by the company. If the visitor shops the company products, you will also receive a certain percentage of the profit.

There are numerous ways to hike; you can use to hike your affiliate marketing links. Some of these techniques include:

-Make use of a link shortening tool to shorten the affiliate link
-Use appropriate hashtags resembling the product to drive more visitors to your post
-Remember to include various discount codes on your affiliate post and request the visitors to make use of the code every time they are shopping the discounted product. This is a referral code and allows the company to know that your page is driving generating huge sales to the company products

Advertise Products for companies

Having a huge following on Instagram enhances the possibilities of becoming a social media influencer, and this makes it possible for you to sell discounted products via your page. This means you will earn every time companies request you to post their products on your page.

You take part in such posts severally for different companies or partner your product with various companies and post their products and services frequently on their behalf.

Sell Your Instagram Photos

This is the easiest ways to earn money on Instagram. You need to sell your photos, and the perfect thing with this method is that it is not a requirement to have a large following to find the buyers for your photos.

If you are good at photography or drawing, and this is what encouraged you to join Instagram, then you can earn from your talent. First, take time to polish your photography and drawing skills via online courses.

Once you have begun taking quality photos, you can apply the below tricks to sell your photos

-You can print your photos on the products you are planning to sell like T-shirts and sell them at a higher price thereby making profit
-You can contact every company on Instagram and sell them your pictures. The companies can hire you to post photos resembling their products.

The discussed above are some of the ways you can use to make money on Instagram.