What is the most popular social media app?

Technological advancements have brought about social media apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and YouTube that have taken control of app usage. People are now spending more hours on their phone with most of the time allocated to the usage of social media apps. This trend is due to the fact that these apps offer a broad source of online content and improve our desire for social validation. Instagram Why don’t you mention Instagram? – you would ask… Of course, Instagram is a very popular app where you can not only share your pictures but build your own business. Though, it may need some additional resources like xplodsocial.com to be employed to grow the number of followers. Otherwise, it can be really hard to grow your business fast. Read more about Instagram and building business in my other posts. Meantime, let’s go ahead and talk about Facebook. Facebook Facebook Messenger is by far the most popular social media app with 87% of social media users having a look at it at least once in a day. This is attributed to the high number of users that Facebook has with over 2 billion people relying on it since its inception in 2004. The app works on Android and iOS phones as well as desktop computers making it easy to connect with… Read the rest “What is the most popular social media app?”Read More